Exquisite – melted ideas

i pray to the s/he, bigger than me to guide and protect all my Endeavors 

that i do not become affixed with that which is not meant to be, for me… at least

i trust that my ideas of joy and my ideas of living come not from a Xeroxed version of light i see built on standards of the blind with open eyes

for my world Quakes at the every sight of hate 

and when i shut my eyes, to forget and pretend, my conscience asks for nothing of me but an end…. i become Undone

I… i, me and my mind, my heart and my soul cannot bear the weight of knowing and that i cannot control

So…. i fold and what can i do then, for nothing seems to matter because that which matters to me and that which i care to believe feels like false hope and keeps me in agony 

and i… i, me and my mind, my heart and my soul must find a way to understand that nothing can change if i do not learn that my creator comes from Inside

the answers to my pain and the Total fix to my world lies in my eyes and starts with my soul

so i must reinvent, i must implement a new perspective, i must begin from the inside out to finally see my world in gleam with the light I wish it always had 

so that the End could be an End of never Ending sunny skies.

(Source): A response to today’s daily post – Exquisite

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