Aesthetic: Your hands will pass on stories

Your hands, my darling, are of grace; My daughter of 4years old, my gift, my friend… there is beauty in her. Not that of which I see but rather something more, like what its like to be free. It is something I feel, where I’m drawn to face.. you know, just something I can’t explain.

Lucky that my camera lens, see… my lens have a way of finding the light.

And the light is you, my dear. And I just can’t explain to you my fascination in hands. I love to hold yours when you’re distracted. Because it brings me day when you come to finally notice, an for that second, you stay. You seem confused, probably wondering what to do. But it’s something you can’t explain either, so you bring up your other hand to hold mine too.

“Mommy, why are my hands so small and when will I grow?”img_15482

Everyday you’re growing, it sure doesn’t feel slow.

Energy transmitting from your fingertips to mine. Oh, what I mean is there is much to learn from hands than just it’s appeal, listen to yourself…shhh, just feel. This space is where you become lifted, yeah… for real. Enter a new state of consciousness some day, I know I sound crazy but baby your hands can pave ways.

Your hands are more than just able to feel what you see. They are from where you will tell your stories, you can even create life, just plant a tree! From where you will gain spiritual growth, soon you’ll recognize how and when to block out the bad noise. You’ll recognize the good things more often too. Like love and heartbreak, like what we all go through. Where you will change your life and the life of others.

You will tell your ideas, name your stories, through picture or text, through speech or dance your hands will move and they will touch and all will remember those hands. You will live forever my dear, in the lives of all, all who are capable, all who can see, feel, hear, and read. Wherever you go, say it with me baby, “I leave a little of me”. And that’s OKAY! You won’t be losing anything, you’ll be gaining perspective… you’ll be living a happy life.

Your hands are powerful, they’ve changed me because for a while I was sidetracked… okay okay, I know you wanna keep playing but promise you’ll be back.

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