(some of…)The Makings of Me

Hello everyone,

I’d like to start off by formally introducing myself. My name is Macy and In a place where i can be whoever i want, here with you i choose to be MYSELF. Again, here was me…img_0280

Not the most recent picture, actually… really like a year ago (wish i had more recents but the only difference is my hair ladies and gents).

ME, but not really.. not yet. This photo: blurred, dim, solo and well, there’s my hand covering my face. I’d consider this photo to be the most honest demonstration of my approach to life, probably all my life. As you can see, not really have known me at all… with enough emotional distress, I just grew aloof and numb. That lead me down a very misunderstood path. And frankly, this was a person i couldn’t help being.

And so I experienced a few heartbreaks in life. I was hit with emotions on all sides and my defense finally came down, I thought I’d given up. Things felt cold, more lonely and my biggest fear came true, i had officially accepted like I’m emotionally and mentally unstable. And frankly, not a person i was happy being anymore.img_0054-2

A lot happened in between. Maybe a story for another time. But i just wanted to say, since then I’ve grown. I’ve learned. I’ve gone from numb to sensitive, doesn’t sound any easier, right… well, it sure has made me more happy… genuinely happy! TO FEEL!! I still cry, all the time but i feel emotionally healthy. I’m still growing. I’m still learning. I’m ready to work on bringing myself to a balance. To trust myself a little more.

So here i am (still a year ago, i will upload more recent photos), in a more tranquil space and more ready and eager for growth, not hiding but open and learning more about what makes Macy happy.



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